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receipt; reception; uptake; check in counter, reservation desk

reception, levee, receipt, receiving


(n.) = reception.
Ex: Radio transmission and reception was a new technology at the turn of the century = La transmisión y recepción por radio era una nueva tecnología al comienzo del siglo.
(n.) = reception ; bunfight [bun fight].
Ex: Many receptions this year will serve sufficient snacks and hors d'oeuvres, so you may not have to plan to have a meal afterwards.
Ex: This years bunfight was a great success and we have since welcomed many new members to our meetings, speaker events, and to our email list.
* gala de recepción = gala reception.
* ofrecer una recepción = host + reception.
* recepción de apertura = opening reception.
* recepción de bienvenida = opening reception.
* recepción de gala = gala reception.
* recepción inaugural = opening reception.
(n.) = reception.
Ex: The first edition was intended to fill this gap, and its reception, both in Britain and abroad, showed that it did indeed fulfil a real need.
* centro de recepción de ovejas = sheep station.
* centro de recepción y envío = shipping point.
* demora de la recepción = receipt lag.
* punto de recepción y envío = shipping point.
(n.) = check-in desk ; reception area ; reception ; check-in counter ; front office.
Ex: For the two therapists, conducting therapy in the supermarket presented some logistical problems, such as limited access to telephones and the absence of a check-in desk.
Ex: Companies should never forget the importance of the reception area and of the receptionist.
Ex: We immediately went to reception and reception called the police, but it was already quite late.
Ex: The hotel lobby is quite impressive and rich looking, we walked up to the check-in counter and were greeted with fruit drinks and a warm smile.
Ex: In most business offices there are two distinct types of employees: those who work in the front office and those who work in the back office.
* mostrador de recepción = reception desk ; check-in counter.
* personal de recepción = reception staff.
(n.) = check-in ; receipt.
Ex: The Serials Control System handles check-in, claiming and union list of serial publications.
Ex: Facilities for check-in of issues, receipt of indexes, claiming of missing and overdue issues, routing, and binding are described.
* historial de recepción = receipt history.
* recepción de pedidos = receiving.
* recepción de publicaciones periódicas = checking in [checking-in].
* recepción de publicaciones seriadas = accessioning of serials.

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