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repulse, rebuff, rejection; disavowal; rebound
refuse, decline, deny, reject; dismiss, send away; beat off, repel, repulse

recoil, blowback


(n.) = rejection ; dismissal ; condemnation ; denial ; disapproval ; renunciation ; revulsion ; defeat ; disavowal ; move away from ; repudiation ; block ; thumbs down ; deprecation ; denouncement ; denunciation ; push factor ; pushback.
Ex: Informative abstracts both aid in the assessment of document relevance and selection or rejection.
Ex: One possible result may be the dismissal of reference books, perhaps even libraries, as legitimate sources of information.
Ex: This article critically examines Blaise Cronin's condemnation of social responsibility in librarianship.
Ex: The obvious alternative would be denial of access to scholarly literature.
Ex: A reference librarian must maintain a pleasant expression (rather than a scowl that is easily read as disapproval of present company).
Ex: This approach is characterised by the renunciation of attempts to generate the wording of index entries algorithmically.
Ex: As part of the worldwide revulsion against the fierce crackdown of peaceful dissidents now occurring in Cuba, the U.S. Congress has voted 414-0 to condemn the Cuban government for raiding 22 libraries.
Ex: Indeed, in larger libraries, there are those who regard a referral as tantamount to an admission of defeat.
Ex: Nevertheless, it is suggested that Marx's disavowal of religion as a force for instituting a universal class was premature.
Ex: This is a radical move away from the accepted principle of using the actual item as the primary source of cataloguing data.
Ex: These elite books are distinguished by their visible repudiation of mass culture and commercialism.
Ex: Emotional blocks to reading can be formed by an unsatisfactory relationship with a teacher.
Ex: The article 'Apple Macintosh: thumbs up? thumbs down?' considers whether online searchers should use Apple Macintosh machines.
Ex: It uses humor rather than witticisms, and self-deprecation rather than deprecation of the professional field.
Ex: The second document is a denouncement of slavery by Greenwich, who mobilizes the best tradition of scriptural exegesis to make his case.
Ex: These denunciations make libraries look both sanctimonious and hypocritical for trying to save the world when they have failed to put ther own house in order.
Ex: Unsurprisingly such misuse is triggered by push factors, such as fear of failure, and also pull factors, such as ease of use and the ubiquitous cut and paste.
Ex: The public pushback about the new policy is astounding due to the fact folks were previously so apathetic about the old policy.
* Algo que produce rechazo = turn-off.
* comportamiento de rechazo = avoidance behaviour.
* factor de rechazo = push factor.
* rechazo a la lectura = aliteracy.
* rechazo de injerto = graft rejection.
* rechazo total = bold statement against.
* recibir rechazo = get + the thumbs down.
(v.) = condemn ; decline ; discard ; eschew ; reject ; set + aside ; flinch at/from ; refuse ; negative ; discountenance ; repulse ; shun ; be hostile to ; ditch ; renounce ; snub ; nix ; defeat ; disavow ; deselect ; turn down ; spurn ; repudiate ; fight off ; hold off ; dismiss with + the wave of the hand ; fend off ; overrule ; push aside ; turn + Nombre + away ; give + Nombre + the thumbs down ; jilt ; disallow ; shut + the door on ; push back ; repel ; say + no to.
Ex: It must, however, also be considered as a major source of the 'subject index illusion' so trenchantly condemned by Bliss, as mentioned below.
Ex: The title 'Unsolicited marginal gift collections: saying no or coping with the unwanted' deals with the problem of how to cope with collections which should have been declined, but were not.
Ex: The dates should be checked regularly and updated so that old dates are discarded and new ones entered.
Ex: However, most contributors to the debate about the future of SLIS have eschewed practicalities in favour of sweeping and dramatic generalizations.
Ex: Any reliance on principles alone is rejected, and an attempt is made to codify experience.
Ex: Such championship cannot be lightly set aside, nevertheless it is now quiet certain that 'bibliography', incorrect and unfortunate as it may be, is here to stay and the situation must be accepted.
Ex: It is increasingly obvious that we are as a nation one and indivisible, that divisive tendencies are a thing of the past, but there are still too many inheritors of the old indifference, and who flinch at co-operation as at an evil.
Ex: In this novel, if you remember, Henry Crawford, having been refused by the heroine Fanny, goes off and elopes with an old flame, Mrs Rushworth.
Ex: Bough negatived the suggestion instantly.
Ex: Balzac discountenanced virtually every idea Hernandez and children's librarian, Kate Lespran, had the courage to suggest.
Ex: Leforte blew forth a long breath, as if trying to repulse the oppressive heat of the September morning.
Ex: Traditionally these books have been shunned because of their fragile nature, but librarians are finding that a small collection can enliven story times.
Ex: Although he recognized the need for some forms of synthesis, Bliss was hostile to the idea of complete analysis and synthesis put forward by Ranganathan.
Ex: It is time that higher education institutions accepted the wisdom of collaboration and ditched, once and for all, the rhetoric of competition = Ya es hora de que las instituciones de enseñanza superior acepten la colaboración y rechacen, de una vez por todas, la competitividad.
Ex: 'Classification by attraction', i.e. the placing of a subject as the most concrete element represented in it, without regard to the basic discipline concerned, is renounced = Se rechaza la "Clasificación por atracción", es decir, la asignación de una materia según el elemento más concreto representado en ella, sin tener en cuenta la disciplina en cuestión.
Ex: Some black librarian see little progress towards race-neutral attitudes and finds themselves either directly or indirectly snubbed, patronised or completely ignored by users as well as staff members.
Ex: This play was nixed by school officials on the grounds that the subject of sweatshops was not appropriate for that age group.
Ex: The author focuses on the campaign of the Idaho Library Association to defeat this initiative.
Ex: Feminists disavow biology & biologists who reduce human biology to anatomy.
Ex: There is a need to provide public access to the Internet and to develop guidelines for selecting and deselecting appropriate resources.
Ex: Public school, strapped for cash, find offers from advertising revenue hard to turn down.
Ex: The government seems to spurns the architecture profession and there is a growing rift between architects who assert their utility and those who cleave to artistic prerogatives.
Ex: The author attempts to repudiate Cherniavsky's argument to show that machine intelligence cannot equal human intelligence.
Ex: These pillboxes were originally built to help fight off a Nazi invasion.
Ex: A dam at the Strait of Gibraltar could be constructed to limit the outflow and reverse the climate deterioration, thus holding off the next ice age.
Ex: International 'rules' are often dismissed with the wave of the hand or a snort of contempt one week, and gilded and placed on a pedestal the next.
Ex: During the rutting season, they are used to fend off other males in an attempt to gather a harem of females to breed with.
Ex: President Eisenhower overruled some of his military commanders in summer 1958, ordering them not to use nuclear weapons against China.
Ex: She's just an airheaded bimbo, with an endless capacity to push aside unpleasant realities in favor of her more satisfying interests: young men and jewels.
Ex: They will be patrolling in plain clothes to spot doormen who turn away people apparently on the basis of their ethnicity.
Ex: Ultimately these guys are professionals and can tell you whether the property as a whole should be given the thumbs up or down.
Ex: To find yourself jilted is a blow to your pride -- do your best to forget it and if you don't succeed, at least pretend to.
Ex: Publishers still hoped to establish monopolies on individual books that were out of copyright, but this was eventually disallowed by a legal ruling in 1774.
Ex: America's reputation as a land of welcome for immigrants has often been compromised by periodic calls to shut the door on immigration.
Ex: Police have formed a line guarding the front door of the hotel to push back protestors.
Ex: Some grease had been transferred to the surface of the stone and the grease was repelling the rain water.
Ex: I nearly bit her hand off, who in their right mind would say no to a selection of underwear from one of the most luxurious knicker brands in the marketplace.
* cheque + ser rechazado = cheque + bounce.
* rechazar a Alguien sin más (explicaciones) = reject + Nombre + out of hand.
* rechazar Algo/Alguien = turn + Nombre + down.
* rechazar la responsabilidad = disclaim + responsibility.
* rechazar por votación = vote down.
* rechazarse = go by + the board.
* rechazar sin más = dismiss + out of hand.
* rechazar una hipótesis = reject + a hypothesis ; negate + hypothesis.
* rechazar una idea = turn + an idea + down.
* rechazar una ley = defeat + legislation.
* rechazar una moción = defeat + motion.
* rechazar una oferta = decline + Posesivo + offer.
* rechazar una sugerencia = turn + an idea + down.

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