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recently, lately; newly



= recently ; lately ; latterly ; of late ; in recent days ; as of late.
Ex: This revised chapter modified the code in keeping with the recently agreed ISBD(M), and proposed a slightly different description for monographs.
Ex: A work that we got lately -- maybe you know it, 'Jody' is its title -- is really all about a woman, an adopted child, trying to trace her identity.
Ex: During its first decade, TEX has been at home mainly in the academic world, but latterly it has spread into industry = Durante su primera decada, TEX se ha utilizado principalmente en el mundo académico, aunque recientemente se ha difundido a la industria.
Ex: The archive profession has of late stressed its distinctiveness from the library and historical discipline.
Ex: Angolan authorities are struggling to cope with more than 20,000 people expelled from the Democratic Republic of Congo in recent days.
Ex: It has been so damn dreary in Pittsburgh as of late, raining just about every day with little or no sunshine, so I've been in a very doomy mood.
* construido recientemente = newly-built.
* definido recientemente = newly defined [newly-defined].
* hecho recientemente = fresh-made.
* más recientemente = in more recent times ; more recently.
* publicado recientemente = recently released.
* recientemente creado = newly created [newly-created] ; newly developed [newly-developed].
* recientemente descubierto = newly-discovered.
* recientemente liberado = newly freed.
* recientemente + Participio/Adjetivo = newly + Participio/Adjetivo.
* recientemente pintado = newly painted.
* recientemente publicado = newly published.
* recientemente renovado = newly renovated.

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