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birdcall; catchword; decoy
reclaim; demand, claim; appeal; need

publicity, advertising, advertisement

I claim it claimed

(n.) = catchword ; call ; decoy.
Ex: It became usual in the mid sixteenth century to complete each page with the first word of the following page set as a catchword at the end of the direction line.
Ex: The system identifies frog calls and measures their abundance.
Ex: The vast majority of hunted game is killed with a firearm; other hunting methods (bow-hunting, trapping, capturing with decoys, etc.) are less significant.
* reclamo visual = eye-catcher.
(v.) = claim ; recall ; lay + claim(s) to ; clamour for [clamor, -USA] ; reclaim ; make + a claim ; place + claim ; call on/upon ; contest ; appeal ; claim ; demand.
Ex: Periodicals control -- the procedures for receiving, (claiming), and binding single issues of periodicals and serials -- is restricted to authorized users.
Ex: To send a recall, display the circulation status of the copy to be recalled.
Ex: If librarians would calmly and publicly and increasingly lay claim to this area as their professional domain, they would gradually bring about the change in attitude that many desire to see.
Ex: I've seen people clamor for a say and when it's given to them they don't take it.
Ex: The article 'Reclaiming our technological future' discusses the effects of electronic technology on the future development of libraries and librarians.
Ex: The claim is made that society is evolving from one whose formal communication patterns have, for centuries, been based primarily on print on paper to one in which communication channels will be largely paperless (electronic).
Ex: Overall the on-line method of placing claims was preferred because it resulted in a faster response from the vendor and a quicker receipt of the journal.
Ex: This article calls on libraries to forge a renewed national commitment to cooperate in the building of a national information network for scholarly communications.
Ex: Unfortunately I have not been able to find another survey which incorporates data which would support or contest the conclusions of the Luton survey.
Ex: The judge rejected it because it was considered an intimidation tactic and there was no opportunity for those denied voting from appealing before the polls closed.
Ex: Whether the juxtaposition of language with literature is as weighty an advantage as has on occasion been claimed is, I think, debatable.
Ex: The other part of the picture reveals title indexes to be only crude subject indexes, which for effective use demand imagination and searching skills on the part of the user.
* reclamar daños y perjuicios = claim + damages ; seek + damages.
* reclamar dinero = claim + money.
* reclamar el control de = make + a claim upon.
* reclamar el derecho a = press + Posesivo + claim.
* reclamar el derecho a Algo = stake + Posesivo + claim.
* reclamar justicia = press + Posesivo + claim ; demand + justice.
* reclamar responsabilidades = hold + Nombre + liable ; hold + Nombre + accountable for.
* reclamar una decisión = appeal + a decision ; contest + a decision.
* reclamar venganza = bay for + blood ; bay for + vengeance.
* sin reclamar = unredeemed ; unclaimed.

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