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collect, gather; bring in; harvest; fold; scavenge; lift; reclaim; secure

I pick up

(v.) = capture ; collect ; cull ; gather ; pick up ; record ; reap ; harvest ; garner ; shuffle together ; scoop (out) ; sweep up ; wind ; stow ; pack + Posesivo + bags ; clear up ; pack up ; net ; gather up.
Ex: In those early days, so the story goes, the library movement was in danger of being captured by an aristocratic intellectual class designing to make the public library an elitist center for scholarly research.
Ex: Synonyms, related terms and other variants must now be collected, either by human selection, or with the aid of the machine.
Ex: The contents of an extract will often be culled from the results, conclusions or recommendations, i.e. the concluding segments, of the document.
Ex: A bibliography is a list of materials or items which is restricted in its coverage by some feature other than the materials being gathered in one library collection.
Ex: Then these suggestion can be picked up by the editor, and communicated to the author.
Ex: Editors and compilers of editions of works are recorded together with the edition statement in the edition area = En en área de edición se incluyen los editores y compiladores de las ediciones de trabajos junto con la mención de edición.
Ex: Women suffragists reaped an unexpected publicity bonanza when the 1913 national suffrage parade in Washington was broken up by a drunken mob.
Ex: Entire families or groups of families cooperate in growing and harvesting food.
Ex: The serials file contains a large number of titles, not only contributed by members, but also garnered from other sources.
Ex: This volume is in fact three books shuffled together under one luscious cover, unfurling as a fantasia on technique that explores, among other things, Mau's riffs on modernism.
Ex: This service will be useful for end users and for scooping out the availability of information on STN for a variety of search topics.
Ex: Who else is going to flip the burgers, clean the resistant bomb-proof windows of the glitzy mile-high skyscrapers -- also take out the garbage, wash the dishes, park the cars, sweep up the papers in the parks?.
Ex: Bring the kite down by slowly winding the kite string around a kite spool.
Ex: It is a matter of basic safety for everyone on board, before casting off in the morning for that next heavenly anchorage, to see that everything be properly stowed and secured.
Ex: The next day we shook off our hangovers with another refreshing dip under the waterfall, packed our bags and headed off.
Ex: What they will not do is clear up the foggy area in most cataloguers' minds, the area that leads to an inconsistent application of half-understood principles'.
Ex: The hall is quiet, the band has packed up, and the munchies are all gone.
Ex: A circle of knitters who meet for a natter have ended up netting a massive £4973 for charity.
Ex: Our lives are like water spilled out on the ground, which cannot be gathered up again.
* cinta para recoger la cortina = tie-back ; curtain tie-back.
* encargado de recoger = gatherer.
* frase que recoge el tema principal del artículo = topic sentence.
* persona que recoge algo = picker.
* recoger con un rastrillo = rake.
* recoger datos = collect + data.
* recoger datos para hacer estadísticas = collect + statistics.
* recoger el equipaje = pick up + Posesivo + luggage.
* recoger evidencia = collect + evidence.
* recoger experiencia = garner + experience.
* recoger información = collect + data ; collect + information ; gather + information ; summon + knowledge ; harvest + information.
* recoger la mesa = clear away + the things ; clear + the table.
* recoger las cosas = clear away + the things.
* recoger las cosas de Uno antes de irse = pack + Posesivo + things.
* recoger los platos rotos = pick up + the pieces ; sort out + the mess.
* recoger material = gather + material.
* recoger polvo = gather + dust.
* recoger pruebas = collect + evidence ; gather + evidence ; accumulate + evidence.
* recogerse el pelo = tie + Posesivo + hair back.
* recoger y enviar datos = telemeter.
* siembra vientos y recogerás tempestades = what goes around comes around ; the chickens come home to roost ; you reap what you sow ; if you dance, you must pay the piper.
* sin recoger = uncollected.

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