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recompense, reward, repayment, reimbursement; compensation, restitution
guerdon, recompense, reward, requite


it rewards

(n.) = reward ; bounty ; guerdon.
Ex: The dependence on bosses for recognition, rewards, and advancement breeds an artificiality of relationship, a need to be polite and agreeable.
Ex: People or companies who want to invalidate a patent or otherwise establish prior art in an area of technology) post a minimum bounty of 10,000 dollars on a piece of technology, normally a patent.
Ex: Not far off, the barn, plethoric with the autumn's harvest spoils, holds the farmer's well-earned trophies -- the guerdon of his toils.
* cazador de recompensas = bounty hunter.
* dar recompensa = mete out + reward.
* merecerse una recompensa = deserve + a little something.
* recibir recompensa = receive + reward.
* recompensa justa = just reward.
* recompensa monetaria = monetary reward.
* sistema de recompensa = reward system.
* tener recompensa = carry + reward.
(v.) = recompense ; mete out + reward ; reward ; requite.
Ex: Present downloading agreements rely on users to recompense suppliers for data received.
Ex: The rhetorical strategy of much of the Hebrew Bible is to devise a God of justice who metes out reward & punishment in the world.
Ex: They admitted that they did not evaluate their technicians and aides, and confirmed that increases were automatic and the same 'across-the-board'; superior performance was not rewarded, nor inferior performance punished.
Ex: The sultan requited the king of China's present by sending him ten swords with scabbards encrusted in pearls.

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