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recognition, acknowledgment; appreciation; admission; inspection; checkup; exam

thankfulness, gratitude, gratefulness



(n.) = appreciation ; recognition ; reconnaissance ; acknowledgement [acknowledgment] ; acclaim ; tap on the shoulder ; validation ; survey ; admission.
Ex: An appreciation of alternative approaches is particularly important in this field where trends towards standardisation are the norm.
Ex: This format is becoming common in new thesauri, partly because the recognition of the importance of viewing both relationships and subject terms in one tool.
Ex: The 'strategic computing' plan announced by the United States in early 1984 envisages, among others, the use of intelligent robots (for example, to serve as ammunition loaders in tanks, or in unmanned reconnaissance and manipulating devices).
Ex: I hope therefore that they will accept this expression of my sincere thanks as an inadequate but deeply felt acknowledgement of my debt to all of them.
Ex: In effect, the book started its life rather more as a light entertainment middle-of-the-range hardback autobiography but popular acclaim turned it into a huge mass-market paperback success.
Ex: 'But we certainly have to establish some fair criteria to determine who gets the tap on the shoulder,' reflected Bough = "Pero ciertamente tenemos que establecer algunos criterios justos para determinar quién recibe las palmaditas en la espalda", dijo Bough.
Ex: Often referred to as utilities, basic software packages are available for performing basic operations such as data entry and validation, sorting and merging files and editing data.
Ex: Her invention consists of is a miniature, unmanned, auto-controlled airship which can be used for aerial work such as film and photography, surveillance and survey work.
Ex: This was not intended as a criticism of their hard working colleagues but simply as an admission that they needed additional support and stimulus.
* como reconocimiento a = in recognition of.
* conseguir reconocimiento = win + recognition.
* cuaderno de reconocimiento de escritura = handwriting recognition notepad.
* dar reconocimiento = give + credit.
* en reconocimiento de = in recognition of.
* ganar reconocimiento = gain + credit.
* merecer reconocimiento = merit + recognition.
* misión de reconocimiento = recce.
* obtener reconocimiento = gain + recognition.
* premio de reconocimiento = honour award.
* recibir reconocimiento = find + recognition.
* recibir reconocimiento por = receive + credit for.
* reconocimiento académico = academic recognition.
* reconocimiento de caracteres = character recognition.
* reconocimiento de imágenes = image recognition.
* reconocimiento de imágenes por el ordenador = computer vision.
* reconocimiento de la voz = voice input and output.
* reconocimiento del habla = speech recognition ; voice recognition.
* reconocimiento del individuo = affirmation.
* reconocimiento de modelos = pattern recognition.
* reconocimiento de patrones = pattern recognition.
* reconocimiento de voz = voice recognition.
* reconocimiento médico = checkup [check-up] ; medical checkup.
* reconocimiento oficial = accreditation.
* reconocimiento óptico de caracteres (OCR) = OCR (optical character recognition).
* rueda de reconocimiento = police line-up ; identity parade ; identification parade.
* sin reconocimiento de créditos = non-credit.
* sistema de reconocimiento académico = academic reward(s) system.
* tecnología para el reconocimiento de voz = voice recognition technology.
* título de reconocimiento = honorary scroll.

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