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(n.) = aide-mémoire ; chasing letter ; reminder notice ; reminder ; memento slip ; tickler.
Ex: There is no time to go into great detail about all the requirements to be met, but let me just outline the headings for you as an aide-mémoire.
Ex: As a result of a report from the supplier the production of chasing letters may be blocked, eg. if an item is reprinting.
Ex: The circulation staff also looks after overdues -- sending out reminder notices, making follow-up telephone calls, etc..
Ex: A constant reminder that, these days, retrospective bibliography and technology are hand in hand is the realization that all of the items listed in both Pollard and Redgrave and Wing are available to purchase in microform editions.
Ex: When the document requested by a reader turns out to be on loan, a memento slip with the name of the reader is clasped to the issue form of the document sought.
Ex: Katherine suggests sending ticklers to grantees before quarterly reports are due.
* triste recordatorio = painful reminder.

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