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appeal; draw on, draw upon

to appeal

(v.) = call on/upon ; resort to ; contest ; appeal.
Ex: It can only be a matter of time before we have in effect a complete set of MARC records to call on for details of any item we require.
Ex: These limitations are partially tackled by AACR2 by resorting to rules for special cases.
Ex: Unfortunately I have not been able to find another survey which incorporates data which would support or contest the conclusions of the Luton survey.
Ex: The judge rejected it because it was considered an intimidation tactic and there was no opportunity for those denied voting from appealing before the polls closed.
* no tener a quien recurrir = have + no body to turn to ; have + no one to turn to.
* no tener donde recurrir = have + no where to turn.
* no tener otro sitio donde recurrir = have + nowhere else to turn.
* no tener un lugar donde recurrir = have + no place to go to.
* recurriendo a = by recourse to.
* recurrir a = fall back on ; have + recourse to ; call into + play ; eat into ; turn to.
* recurrir a enchufes = pull + strings.
* recurrir a evasivas = prevaricate.
* recurrir al uso de = resort to + the use of.
* recurrir a + Posesivo + ahorros = dip into + Posesivo + savings ; dig into + Posesivo + savings.
* recurrir a un experto = expertise [expertize, -USA].
* recurrir una decisión = appeal + a decision ; contest + a decision.
* sin tener que recurrir a = without recourse to.

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