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redaction, editing; drafting; narration; news desk; editorial staff, group of employees responsible for the preparation of a publication (newspaper, magazine, etc.)

staff, editorial wording


writing writing

(n.) = essay ; wording ; writing.
Ex: In a journal most formal items including articles, essays, discussions and reviews can be expected to be accompanied by an abstract.
Ex: With a limited number of exceptions the title proper is transcribed exactly as to order, wording and spelling.
Ex: This is a project for collaboration in formal report writing based on current social theories of writing.
* clase de redacción = composition class.
* concurso de redacción = essay competition.
* nueva redacción = redraft ; rewrite [re-write].
* redacción científica = research writing ; scientific writing ; technical writing.
* redacción de borradores = drafting.
* redacción de cartas = letter writing.
* redacción de CVs = résumé writing.
* redacción de guiones = script-writing [scriptwriting].
* redacción de informes = report writing.
* redacción de informes técnicos = technical writing.
* sala de redacción = newsroom.
* técnicas de redacción = writing skills.

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