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reduce, decrease; abridge, shorten; narrow; lower; weaken


to reduce

to reduce

(v.) = abridge ; compress ; contract ; curtail ; erode ; gut ; narrow ; prune ; reduce ; shorten ; stifle ; lower ; cut back (on) ; cut ; cut down (on) ; deplete ; lessen ; pare down ; keep down + Nombre ; retrench ; narrow down ; whittle (away/down/at) ; slim down ; slow down ; slow up ; taper ; wind + Nombre + down ; cut + Nombre + short ; scale back ; downgrade [down-grade] ; shave off ; shrink ; mark + Nombre + down ; slash ; top-slice ; bring down.
Ex: Inevitably any abridgement poses the dilemma how to abridge, that is, what to leave out and what to include.
Ex: A library of a million volumes could be compressed into one end of a desk.
Ex: In the face of emergencies, breadth of vision tends to contract, narrowing the range of responses.
Ex: The imposition of fee-based services may radically curtail the breadth of resources available to library users where historically information has been offered freely.
Ex: These arrangements should also erode price differentials between Europe and the US, and permit each country to support its own online services.
Ex: Prices of European produced scientific, technical and medical serials continue to gut US research libraries.
Ex: Hierarchical relationships must be indicated in order that the users may broaden or narrow the search parameters.
Ex: More balanced schedules were achieved by pruning the 31000 subjects enumerated in the fourteenth edition to 4700.
Ex: The disadvantage of inversion of words is that inversion or indirect word order reduces predictability of form of headings.
Ex: If there are holds on the title, the loan period is shortened to 14 days.
Ex: Excessive emphasis on the need to exact payment will stifle the flow of information.
Ex: When a forme was in place on the press stone, paper was lowered on to it by means of a tympan and frisket.
Ex: But higher education, which expanded between 1959 and 1979 from 164,000 to 519,600 students in full-time higher education, has also been cutting back on purchases.
Ex: 'The word's out: all departments have to cut their staffs by 10%' -- Her voice was weak and laden with woe.
Ex: Abstracts cut down considerably on legwork in hunting for information.
Ex: This intermediate grade would equate with the senior library assistant, a category much depleted in UK academic librarianship.
Ex: Two possible solutions are possible: (1) to lessen the frequency of production, or (2) to reduce the amount of detail in the entries.
Ex: He said again that we should pare it down to something much more in line with his figures.
Ex: Activities such as gardening or cookery are dealt with in many books in ways which go far beyond the simple keeping down of weeds or just filling empty stomachs.
Ex: In the face of overpublishing and growing scepticism, this once booming area is now retrenching and broadening its coverage = En vista del exceso de publicaciones y del creciente escepticismo, este área que una vez estuvo en auge ahora ha venido a menos.
Ex: The two countries have kept open the political and military channels and are trying to narrow down differences.
Ex: However, such idealism is often whittled away over time by bureaucratic problems & organizational demands.
Ex: The abundance of book types and titles makes display and merchandising increasingly difficult; some booksellers are dealing with this by slimming down or cutting out certain categories.
Ex: However, the flight from DC appears to have slowed down more quickly than was anticipated, and we no longer read of large numbers of libraries making the change.
Ex: Since cataloging is the most time consuming part of digitization, it has slowed up the placement of files.
Ex: The tube in the two types tapers almost unnoticeably from base to tip.
Ex: Not the least of the ironies of this venture is that going ahead with it is as full of hazard as winding it down abruptly.
Ex: May I just cut you short, because I've discussed this problem with Peter Jacobs just this week.
Ex: He first spotted trouble when she started being short with users and so he solved the problem by scaling back her workload.
Ex: The opposite of the 'halo effect' -- downgrading someone you dislike but whose work is good -- is also an error.
Ex: You can shave off as much as 50% or even more from your current rate for home insurance in Arizona.
Ex: The 'false hit' problem still arises, but becomes less likely as the 'neighborhood' of the two words shrinks.
Ex: They have just marked down all summer handbags to 50 percent off.
Ex: Finally, a few copies of an edition seem generally to have slipped through with their cancellanda uncancelled, so that examples of the original settings may sometimes be found (occasionally slashed by the warehouse keeper's shears, deliberate defacement which escaped notice).
Ex: This week thousands of us worked together to persuade the government not to top-slice the licence fee from the BBC funding.
Ex: Is it true that rubbing alcohol helps bring down a child's fever?.
* persona u organismo que recorta presupuestos o ayuda a reducir gasto = cost-cutter.
* que reduce el estrés = stress-reducing.
* reducir a astillas = reduce + Nombre + to matchwood.
* reducir a cenizas = burn + Nombre + to the ground ; burn + Nombre + to (a) cinder(s) ; burn + Nombre + to ashes ; burn + Nombre + down.
* reducir a cero = reduce + Nombre + to nil.
* reducir a la mitad = halve ; cut + Nombre + in half ; halve ; reduce by + half ; halve + Posesivo + numbers.
* reducir a la nada = reduce + Nombre + to nil.
* reducir al mínimo = minimise [minimize, -USA] ; reduce to + a minimum ; cut down to + a minimum ; keep to + a (bare) minimum ; cut to + the bone.
* reducir a lo mínimo = cut to + the bone.
* reducir a miniatura = miniaturise [miniaturize, -USA].
* reducir costes = reduce + costs ; bring down + costs.
* reducir de plantilla = downsize.
* reducir de tamaño = reduce in + size ; make + small(er).
* reducir el esfuerzo = reduce + effort.
* reducir el impacto = minimise + impact.
* reducir el papeleo = slash + red tape.
* reducir el precio = reduce + price ; cut + price.
* reducir el presupuesto = cut + monies from + budget.
* reducir el riesgo = reduce + Posesivo + risk ; cut + Posesivo + risk.
* reducir el tamaño = reduce + size.
* reducir el tiempo = cut down + time.
* reducir el valor = reduce + value.
* reducir gastos = cut + costs ; cut + spending ; make + economies ; make + cuts ; reduce + costs ; bring down + costs ; tighten + the purse strings.
* reducir gradualmente = scale down.
* reducir hirviendo = boil down.
* reducir la burocracia = slash + red tape.
* reducir la condena = reduce + Posesivo + sentence.
* reducir la ingestión de calorías = cut down on + calories.
* reducir la población = depopulate.
* reducir la posibilidad = minimise + possibility.
* reducir la probabilidad = reduce + chances.
* reducir las calorías = cut down on + calories.
* reducir las diferencias = bridge + the gap ; bridge + the divide ; bridge + the chasm ; bridge + the gulf ; close + the gap.
* reducir las diferencias entre ... y = narrow + the gap between ... and.
* reducir las distancias = reduce + distance ; close + the gap.
* reducir la sentencia = reduce + Posesivo + sentence.
* reducir las posibilidades de = narrow + the vision of.
* reducir los beneficios = cut + profit.
* reducir los impuestos = cut + taxes.
* reducir pérdidas = cut down + losses ; cut + losses.
* reducir + Posesivo + número (a) = cut + Posesivo + numbers (to).
* reducir + Posesivo + número a la mitad = halve + Posesivo + numbers.
* reducir progresivamente = phase out.
* reducirse a = boil down to ; come down to ; narrow into.
* reducirse poco a poco = dribble off.
* reducir una limitación = push + limits (further and further back).
* reducir una palabra a su raíz = stem.
* reducir un obstáculo = lower + barrier.
(v.) = taper in.
Ex: Some of these trenches have walls that taper in at the bottom or flare at the top.

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