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refresher, person or thing that invigorates; refreshment; cooling; tonic
refresh, invigorate; freshen up; cool

refection, refresher


soda, soft drink (without alcohol)

(n.) = refreshment ; soft drink ; soda ; long cool drink ; fizzy drink.
Ex: This fee includes lunch and refreshments but not travel or accommodation.
Ex: The visit includs a boat tour on the Muritzsee and a box lunch (with one soft drink).
Ex: People engage in a wide range of activities in libraries, from lively dialog while munching sandwiches and sipping soda, to flirting and caressing, to the more traditional activities of reading and information searching.
Ex: This is the epitome of a casual beachside bar, offering long cool drinks during the heat of the day, and cocktails to salute the setting sun.
Ex: In Britain, we drink over six million litres of fizzy drinks each year -- but is our favourite thirst quencher good for our health?.
* lata de refresco = can of soda.
* refresco con gas = fizzy drink.
(v.) = refresh ; freshen ; buff up on ; brush up on.
Ex: It thrives on ambiguity, irony, paradox, which bring the disparate and hitherto unconnected into relationship, revealing new shades of meaning, or refreshing the worn, the tired, the cliched.
Ex: Baking soda can also freshen musty carpets by simply sprinkling on it.
Ex: The author also displays a need to buff up on her mastery of today's street slang.
Ex: The course targets people who would like to either like to brush up on their French or even learn French from scratch.
* que ayuda a refrescar la memoria = memory-jogging.
* refrescar la memoria = jog + Posesivo + memory ; refresh + memory.
* refrescarse = cool down ; cool off.

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