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regime, government; diet, regimen

manner, behaviour regime, regimen



(n.) = regime [régime].
Ex: This study found that online access to scientific serials is most appropriate in the third world, principally due to the presence of a small number of scientists with a broad range of interests which makes the fixed-price regimes of print, microform or CD-ROM disadvantageous.
* antiguo régimen, el = ancient regime, the.
* partidario del régimen = loyalist.
* régimen autoritario = authoritarian regime.
* régimen capitalista = capitalist regime.
* régimen comunista = communist regime.
* régimen de terror = reign of terror.
* régimen dictatorial = dictatorial regime.
* régimen fascista = fascist regime.
* régimen militar = military regime.
* régimen policial = police regime.
* régimen político = political regime.
* régimen socialista = socialist regime.
(n.) = diet ; regimen.
Ex: Miss Laski suggests that the depiction of life found in many novels is naive, over-simplified and, as a constant diet, can do more harm than good.
Ex: Moreover, the medical profession encompasses a spectrum of opinions as to the efficacy, value, and danger attendant upon various regimens and courses of treatment.
* alojamiento en régimen de pensión completa = full-board accommodation.
* alumno en régimen de internado = boarding pupil.
* régimen alimenticio = dieting.
* régimen de pensiones = pension scheme.
* régimen deportivo = fitness regime(n).
* régimen de vida = lifestyle [life style/life-style].
* régimen tributario, el = tax system, the.
(n.) = diet.
Ex: For example, space medicine certainly requires a knowledge of medicine, but in addition involves problems related to space physics, mechanics (the phenomenon of weightlessness), diet, hygiene, the list is formidable.
* a régimen = on a diet.

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