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registration, act of registering, enrollment, act of entering into an official record; bookmark; inspection; exam; search
register, record, enroll; file; schedule; minute, clock; examine, inspect; check in

record, register



(v.) = profile ; record ; set down ; log ; lodge ; chronicle ; register ; clock.
Ex: He was profiled in April 1972 as the Wilson Library Bulletin front-liner.
Ex: Editors and compilers of editions of works are recorded together with the edition statement in the edition area = En en área de edición se incluyen los editores y compiladores de las ediciones de trabajos junto con la mención de edición.
Ex: Set the components down as an ordered string of symbols, according to the filing value of the role operator.
Ex: In order to understand this programme, it will help to imagine a librarian at a university who diligently logs every slide that is taken from the library for lectures.
Ex: The actual report has been lodged at the British Library but has not been published.
Ex: Their work has been chronicled by Boyd Rayward in a readable (but execrably printed) work.
Ex: Once a user is registered, a password will be issued which provides access to all or most of the data bases offered by the host as and when the user wishes.
Ex: The cameras clock your speed and if you are going faster than you are supposed to, you can get a speed ticket in the post.
* registrar como propiedad literaria = copyright.
* registrar la devolución = discharge.
* registrar la salida = sign out.
* registrar los fascículos = check in + an issue.
* registrarse = sign on ; sign in ; register.
* registrarse al entrar = sign in.
* registrarse al salir = sign out.
* registrarse en el hotel = check in + at the hotel.
* registrar un fascículo = check in + an issue.
* reloj que registra el tiempo de conexión = accounting clock.
* sin registrar = unlisted.
(v.) = register.
Ex: The existence of an economic dividend of the global devolutionary trend registered over the past three decades is still ambiguous.
(v.) = frisk ; search ; inspect.
Ex: I'm not sure you're on secure ground when you frisk people's briefcases this way.
Ex: It's my understanding of the Fourth Amendment that people and their possessions can't be searched unless law-enforcement officials have information that they've committed a crime.
Ex: The binding trigger is a reminder to the library to inspect the shelves to see whether the volume is complete and can be bound.
(n.) = rec (record) ; record ; tuple ; booking record.
Ex: A record number is a commonly used key field, sometimes abbreviated as rec no.
Ex: A record is a complete unit of information about a person, item, product, book, patient, chemical, etc. and in a computer-held data base a record is all the information contained relating to a document.
Ex: The model embodies a semantic synthesiser, which is based on an algorithm that maps the syntactic representation of a tuple or a record onto a semantic representation.
Ex: Many libraries may also be involved in maintaining booking records of one type or another: in college libraries these often relate to instructional films hired during term.
* base de datos de registros de catálogo = catalogue record database.
* bloque funcional de relaciones entre registros = linking entry block.
* cambio de registro = code switching.
* campo de registro = field.
* capturar registros = capture + records.
* Cinta de Intercambio de Registros MARC = MARC Exchange Tape.
* copiar registros = download + records ; capture + records.
* cualidad de lo que constituye ser un registro = recordness.
* descargar registros = download + records.
* deseleccionar un registro = unmark + record.
* detección de registros duplicados = duplicate record detection.
* directorio de un registro automatizado = directory.
* eliminación de registros duplicados = duplicate elimination.
* el registro modelo = record-of-record.
* enriquecimiento de los registros = record(s) enhancement.
* estructura del registro = record structure.
* fichero de registro por documento = item record file.
* fichero de registro por término = term record file.
* fondo de registros bibliográficos = bibliographic pool ; bibliographic record pool.
* formato de registro = record format.
* gestión de registros = record keeping [recordkeeping].
* identificador de registro = record identifier.
* incluir como registro de encabezamiento secundario = trace.
* índice de registro por documento = item record index.
* índice de registro por término = term record index.
* longitud de registro = record length.
* modificar un registro = amend + record.
* pasar registros a disco = transfer + records + to disc.
* Programa de Gestión de Registros y Archivos (RAMP) = Records and Archives Management Programme (RAMP).
* registro administrativo = administrative record.
* registro automatizado = machine-readable record.
* registro bibliográfico = bibliographic record ; document record ; bibliographical record ; bibliographical record ; bibliographical record.
* registro catalográfico = cataloguing record.
* registro de autoridad archivística = archival authority record.
* registro de catálogo colectivo = joint record ; joint catalogue record.
* registro de contabilidad = financial record.
* registro de documento pedido = on-order record.
* registro de ejemplar = copy record.
* registro de encabezamiento secundario de materia = subject tracing.
* registro de encabezamientos secundarios = tracing.
* registro de entrada = accession record.
* registro de identificación = cookie.
* registro de longitud fija = fixed-length record.
* registro de personal = personnel record.
* registro de publicaciones seriadas = serials record.
* registro de transacciones = log file ; log.
* registro electrónico = digital record ; electronic record.
* registro estructurado = structured record.
* registro gráfico = graphic record.
* registro informático = digital record.
* registro lógico = logical record.
* registro manuscrito = manuscript record.
* registro MARC = MARC record.
* registro matriz = master record.
* registro notarial = notarial record.
* registros demográficos = vital records.
* registro seleccionado = marked record.
* salvar registros = download + records.
* seleccionar registros = mark + records.
* separador de registro = record separator.
* servicio de registros MARC, el = MARC service, the.
* sistema de gestión de registros = record(s) system.
* tamaño del registro = record size.
* volcado de registros = derived cataloguing ; copy cataloguing.
(n.) = register ; register ; registry ; records centre.
Ex: James's methods in dealing systematically with each codex are illustrated by comparing the Ecloga with the 1574/75 register of Mathew Parker's library at Corpus Christi, Cambridge.
Ex: During the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries printers got over the resulting difficulties by adding (usually adjacent to the colophon) a summary of the signatures called the register.
Ex: Its aim is to provide a reliable registry of all world serial publications.
Ex: This article describes the background to the setting up of the Archdiocese of Chicago's archives and records centre.
* archivo de registro de transacciones = log.
* cuadrar el registro = make + register.
* el registro de los registros = record-of-record.
* fichero de registro de transacciones = service log ; computer log ; server log.
* mantener registro de = keep + record of.
* mantener un registro = keep + log.
* mantener un registro de = keep + track of ; record.
* registro catastral = land registry office ; land registry.
* registro civil = registry office.
* registro civil, el = family registry, the ; civil registry, the ; population registry, the.
* registro de actividades realizadas = logbook [log book].
* registro de entrada = accessions register.
* registro de grupo de términos de búsqueda relacionados = hedge book.
* registro de las pantallas consultadas = screen log.
* registro de operaciones realizadas = transaction log ; transaction logging.
* registro de salida de cartas = outward letterbook.
* registro de transacciones = logsheet.
* registro fiscal = tax roll.
* registro temporal de transacciones = time log.
(n.) = accessioning ; stock recording ; registration.
Ex: Accessioning involves giving the item a unique number so that if it is lost the cost can be easily discovered.
Ex: The stages of book preparation, known as processing, can be tabulated as follows: check of book with invoice; quick collation; accessioning or stock recording; classification; cataloguing; lettering on spine; labelling; final check of all processes before shelving.
Ex: The borrower file is then searched to obtain a list of all those borrowers with registration dates before the cut-off date.
* certificado de fecha de registro = time stamp [timestamp].
* dar registro = accession.
* fecha de registro = accession date ; time stamp [timestamp].
* ficha de número de registro = accessions card.
* libro de registro = accessions register ; accessions book ; accessions ledger.
* libro de registro de entrada y salida de cartas = letterbook [letter book].
* máquina de registro de préstamos por medio de la fotografía = photocharger ; photocharging machine.
* número de registro = accession number ; card number.
* orden de registro = search warrant.
* sistema de registro = recording system.
(n.) = manhole.
Ex: It was found that someone had dumped a load of builders' rubble down a manhole blocking the sewer and causing havoc.
* caja de registro eléctrico = wiring compartment.
* pozo de registro = manhole.
* tapa de registro = manhole cover.

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