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rule, law, regulation; ruler; period
tune up, adjustment of the motor (of a car, etc.)

regulation, rule

rule , ruler


(n.) = guide ; rule ; ruling ; canon.
Ex: In so doing the indexes act as an organized guide to large sections of the literature of a subject area.
Ex: If administrative regulations, rules, etc., are from jurisdictions in which such regulations, etc., are promulgated by government agencies or agents, enter them under the heading for the agency or agent.
Ex: The suggested ruling is that groups 1, 2 and 3 are entered under Place, except for individual species in biology.
Ex: The archetypal canon is of course that of the books of the Bible, which are gathered together in a fixed and unchanging order.
* atenerse a las reglas = go by + the book.
* cambiar las reglas de juego = move + the goal posts.
* ceñirse a las reglas = go by + the book.
* Comité de Revisión de las Reglas de Catalogación (CRCC) = Catalog Code Revision Committee (CCRC).
* como regla general = as a rule ; as a rule of thumb.
* cumplir las reglas = play by + the rules.
* cumplir una regla = observe + rule ; comply with + a rule.
* establecer reglas = make + provision.
* establecer reglas para = lay down + rules for.
* establecer una regla = frame + rule.
* excepciones que confirman la regla = exceptions to prove the rule.
* formular una regla = frame + rule.
* hacer cumplir una regla = enforce + a rule ; enforce + a norm.
* incumplir una regla = violate + a rule ; break + a rule.
* infringir una regla = violate + a rule ; break + a rule.
* las Reglas de Cutter para un Catálogo Diccionario = Cutter's Rules for a Dictionary Catalog.
* libro de reglas de un juego = rulebook.
* obedecer una regla = comply with + a rule.
* RCAA1 (1ª Edición de las Reglas de Catalogación Anglo-Americanas) = AACR1 (Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules 1st Edition).
* regido por reglas = rule-governed.
* regla absoluta = hard and fast rule ; ironclad rule ; steadfast rule.
* regla a regla = rule-to-rule.
* regla con regla = rule-to-rule.
* regla de catalogación = cataloguing rule.
* regla de formato = rule.
* regla de juego = ground rule.
* regla de la necesidad = purpose rule.
* regla del valor literal = face value rule.
* regla del valor nominal = face value rule.
* regla de oro = golden rule.
* regla de tres, la = rule of three, the.
* regla esencial = cardinal rule.
* regla fija = firm rule.
* regla fundamental = cardinal rule.
* regla inflexible = hard and fast rule ; ironclad rule ; steadfast rule.
* regla que se puede aplicar a rajatabla = hard and fast rule ; ironclad rule ; steadfast rule.
* regla rígida = hard and fast rule ; ironclad rule ; steadfast rule.
* reglas = code ; regulation ; set of rules.
* Reglas Anglo-americanas = Anglo-American code (AA).
* reglas de catalogación = catalogue code ; cataloguing code.
* Reglas de Catalogación Anglo-Americanas (RCAA) = AACR (Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules).
* reglas de catalogación del British Museum = BM code.
* reglas de catalogación del Museo Británico = BM code.
* reglas de combate = rules of engagement.
* reglas de cortesía = etiquette.
* reglas de cortesía en Internet = netiquette.
* reglas de deducción = topoi.
* reglas de enfrentamiento = rules of engagement.
* Reglas de Intercalación de BLAISE = BLAISE Filing Rules.
* Reglas de Intercalación de la ALA = ALA Filing Rules.
* Reglas de Intercalación de la Biblioteca del Congreso = Library of Congress Filing Rules.
* Reglas de la ALA para la Intercalación de Fichas de Catálogo = ALA Rules for Filing Catalog Cards.
* reglas del juego, las = rules of the game, the.
* reglas de ordenación = filing rules.
* reglas prusianas = Prussian instructions.
* respetar las reglas = play by + the rules.
* respetar las reglas de juego = play by + the rules.
* respetar una regla = observe + rule ; comply with + a rule.
* revisión de las reglas = code revision.
* seguir las reglas al pie de la letra = go by + the book.
* seguir las reglas a rajatabla = go by + the book.
* Segunda Edición de las Reglas de Catalogación Angloamericanas (RCAA2) = AACR2 (Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules 2nd Edition).
* según la aplicación de reglas = rule-governed.
* ser la excepción a la regla = constitute + the exception to the rule.
* ser la excepción que confirma la regla = be the exception rather than the rule.
(n.) = scale ; ruler.
Ex: The apparent size of the face is measured directly with a finely graduated scale and a magnifying glass.
Ex: Scientific equipment for the examination of rare books, manuscripts, and documents include four items found in every library and private study -- micrometer calipers, view finders, dividers and rulers.
* regla de cálculo = slide rule.
* regla de componer = setting rule.
* regla muy precisa = finely graduated scale.
* regla niveladora = screed ; screed.
(n.) = period.
Ex: The debate on whether or not a woman can get pregnant during her period has been going on for decades now.
* regla retrasada = late period.
(v.) = regulate.
Ex: Built into each operator are sets of instructions to the computer which regulate where the term must appear in the printed entries generated from the string, typefaces, and necessary punctuation.
(v.) = adjust.
Ex: The brightness can be adjusted by turning the two knobs at the lower right of the screen.

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