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remittent, alternately subsiding and worsening (about disease)
sender, mailer; remitter



(n.) = correspondent ; sender ; submitter ; consignor [consigner].
Ex: Popular authors receive scores, in some cases hundreds, of letters a year from their young readers and every correspondent, I am quite sure, wants a reply.
Ex: All mail can be stored and later accessed by keywords (such as the name of the sender, the date, the subject, etc.).
Ex: A confirmation email is sent to the address supplied by the submitter to verify that it is correct.
Ex: Hauliers, consignees and consignors will be informed as to which of their vehicles' information has not been entered into the database -- uncoded vehicles.
* con el nombre y dirección del remitente = self-addressed.
* dirección del remitente = return address.

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