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mobile home, trailer; towing
tow, tug



(n.) = tow ; trailer.
Ex: If roadside repairs aren't possible, however, the service arranges a tow.
Ex: The Singapore mobile library service covers 10 points with 1 van and 2 trailers.
* a remolque = in tow.
* cable de remolque = towline ; towrope.
* camión con remolque = tractor-trailer.
* casa remolque = mobile home.
* cuerda de remolque = towrope.
* enganche para el remolque = tow-bar [towbar].
* gancho para el remolque = tow-bar [towbar].
* llevar a remolque = take in + tow.
* remolque de alquiler = U-Haul trailor.
* semiremolque = semi-trailer.
(v.) = tow ; take in + tow.
Ex: 'Sit down please,' he bade her and she towed a chair over to his desk.
Ex: If the water be tolerably smooth, and the wind moderate, a vessel may be taken in tow without shortening sail or altering the course.

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