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deny categorically, emphatically disclaim, declare to be absolutely untrue; renege; apostatize, abandon one's religion, be unfaithful to one's principles; abhor, hate, detest; forsake, abandon; blaspheme, profane, curse; complain; protest against

loathe, detest, abominate, abhor

(v.) = disavow ; renounce ; renegade.
Ex: Feminists disavow biology & biologists who reduce human biology to anatomy.
Ex: 'Classification by attraction', i.e. the placing of a subject as the most concrete element represented in it, without regard to the basic discipline concerned, is renounced = Se rechaza la "Clasificación por atracción", es decir, la asignación de una materia según el elemento más concreto representado en ella, sin tener en cuenta la disciplina en cuestión.
Ex: Whether Salman Farsie saw something better or not in Islam, the fact remains he renegaded his faith, his vows and his allegiance.
* renegar a una promesa = go back on + Posesivo + promise.
* renegar de = deny ; disown.

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