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revision, review
repass; go over, review; revise




(n.) = walkthrough [walk-through] ; run-through ; going-over.
Ex: A cognitive walkthrough consists of a re-enactment of a test session in which the user is queried about their movements and decisions throughout the test session.
Ex: This article will provide a brief run-through of some strategies for giving staff and users what they need and expect.
Ex: After a good going-over with really fine steel wool, I washed it down with the garden hose in the back yard.
* dar el último repaso = tie + the pieces together.
* darle un buen repaso a Alguien = take + Nombre + to the cleaners.
* darle un repaso a = buff up on ; brush up on.
* darle un repaso a Alguien = school.
* dar un repaso a = give + a review of ; provide + an overview.
* repaso de la literatura = information survey.
(v.) = give + an overview ; go over ; rehearse ; survey ; provide + an overview ; overview ; buff up on ; brush up on ; check ; revise ; look at + Nombre + again ; check + Nombre + through ; check + Nombre + over.
Ex: This article gives an overview of available automated systems used for indexing in newspaper libraries.
Ex: The person assigned as coach goes over the work of the new abstractor, makes editorial changes, and discusses these changes with the new man.
Ex: However, it seems worth rehearsing some of the arguments again here in this particular context and identifying specifically how these problems are negotiated in a data base using natural language indexing.
Ex: Chapters 7 and 8 introduced the problems associated with author cataloguing and have surveyed the purpose of cataloguing codes.
Ex: Chapter 1 provides an overview of today's reference services, suggesting the rich possibilities for applying basic professional skills.
Ex: The book 'Legging it' overviews trends in male and female dress from the Middle Ages to the present, concentrating on leg coverings: breeches, trousers, stockings'.
Ex: The author also displays a need to buff up on her mastery of today's street slang.
Ex: The course targets people who would like to either like to brush up on their French or even learn French from scratch.
Ex: This would be the last stage in the compilation of the scheme in order to check that the scheme seems likely to be effective.
Ex: If your paper has been accepted and you wish to revise it before the workshop, you may do so.
Ex: Print and save a copy so you can look at it again before the interview.
Ex: Let me know if there are any mistakes in the lyrics, although I have checked it through and it seems to be OK = Díme si hay algún error en la letra de la canción, aunque yo la he comprobado y parece estar bien.
Ex: Now that you've checked it over, check it over again to make sure you didn't miss anything = Ahora que lo has comprobado, verifícalo de nuevo para asegurarte de que no se te ha pasado nada.
* repasar Algo muy detenidamente = go over + Nombre + with a fine toothcomb.
* repasar la memoria = comb + Posesivo + memory.

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