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revive; replenish; replace; rerun

(v.) = replenish ; rerun [re-run] ; re-release [rerelease].
Ex: The supply would need to be replenished when the multiple copies had been used, so a master would be kept - usually for offset litho reproduction or for cutting a stencil on an electronic scanner.
Ex: Sometimes it is necessary to rerun the setup process, either to install a new database driver or change other configuration settings.
Ex: He is planning to re-release some of the most famous songs from his back catalogue in an attempt to reignite his career.
* ayudar a reponerse = pull + Nombre + through.
* reponer fuerzas = gather + energy.
* reponerse = rally + Reflexivo ; rally ; pick up + the pieces ; collect + Reflexivo ; get + Reflexivo + together ; pull + Reflexivo + together ; pull through.
* reponerse de = get over.

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