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(adj.) = requisite.
Ex: They expressed dissatisfaction with graduates they had employed who, whilst possessing the requisite technical skills, lacked judgement and flexibility in information.
* conocimientos requeridos = job specs.
* formación requerida = job specs.
* titulación requerida = job specs.
(v.) = have + calls for ; call for ; call on/upon ; cry for ; demand ; involve ; make + demand ; require ; elicit ; requisition.
Ex: For some while there have been calls for an abbreviated version of AACR, for small libraries and for non-cataloguers.
Ex: The main rules call for entry of societies under name and institutions under place.
Ex: The difference is only that an indexer is not usually called upon to appreciate the subtleties of the subject to the same extent as an abstractor.
Ex: However, this work still cries for expansion, and it must also become more systematic.
Ex: The other part of the picture reveals title indexes to be only crude subject indexes, which for effective use demand imagination and searching skills on the part of the user.
Ex: Generating author indexes or catalogues involves creating headings from author's names, that is the names of persons or organisations.
Ex: Also, informative abstracts make greater demands upon appreciation of subject content than indicative abstracts.
Ex: The condition approach should require less enumeration of rules for different types of materials, and therefore should require fewer rules.
Ex: This article looks at ways in which librarians in leadership roles can elicit the motivation, commitment, and personal investment of members of the organisation.
Ex: More specialised titles are requisitioned through interlending.
* requerir atención = require + consideration ; require + attention.
* requerir más destreza = be more of an art.
* requerir + Posesivo + atención = demand + Posesivo + attention.
* requerir práctica = take + practice.

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