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remains, ruins; legacy; detritus
rest, remainder; end; balance; debt; return; diversion; interval

wreckage, remains



(n.) = crumbs ; remains ; debris ; wreckage ; leftovers.
Ex: Next a 'picker' cleaned any remaining crumbs of plaster or metal from the face of the plate.
Ex: The scattered remains of homesteads also dot the rugged landscape.
Ex: Nothing is left except debris and there remains nothing to salvage: only to bulldoze, clear and throw into rubbish dumps.
Ex: The wreckage of a Venetian galleon and its cargo were found on the seabed near the islet of Gnalic in Dalmatia.
Ex: Fish cakes are a great way of using up leftovers such as cooked fish and mashed potatoes, which might otherwise be thrown away.
* aprovechamiento de los restos de animales = animal rendering.
* comerse los restos de = scavenge.
* comerse los restos dejados por otro = scavenge.
* restos calcinados = charred remains.
* restos carbonizados = charred remains.
* restos de comida = swill.
* reutilización de los restos de animales = animal rendering.
(n.) = deposit ; residue ; trace ; remnant ; residuum ; remainder ; hangover [hang-over] ; holdover ; rump.
Ex: Can you wonder that it should carry such deposits of jam, egg, butter, coffee and personal dirt?.
Ex: I have noted elsewhere that structure is the residue of function.
Ex: But there was no trace of sinisterness in Balzac's manner.
Ex: What survived was a tiny remnant, sometimes, to judge from the binding, a relic of earlier antiquarianism.
Ex: Any representative sample, any cross-section, any week's harvest of queries in a busy library is sure to include a residuum that does not fit into any of the categories so far outlined.
Ex: The article 'Bargains or bummers? remainders' suggests that despite problems attaching to buying remainders, judicious purchasing of this stock can add valuable books to a library's collection at a very reasonable cost.
Ex: English's dominant role is a hangover from colonialism.
Ex: As I've said before, these conventions are antiquated -- they are holdovers from an older era.
Ex: The only remnant of Roman civilisation was the rump of the Byzantine Empire.
* el resto = rest, the.
* el resto (de) = the remainder (of) ; the rest (of).
* el resto del día = the rest of the day.
* en el resto = everywhere else.
* en el resto de = elsewhere.
* poner el resto de la comida para llevar = doggy bag.
* restos de = traces of.
* una manzana podrida echar a perder el resto de la cesta = one rotten apple spoils the whole barrel.
* y el resto es historia = and the rest is history.

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