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lock; picket
detain, hold; withhold, retain

store, supply, stock

(n.) = stop ; weir.
Ex: Rods may hold the cards in the drawer and stops may prevent drawers from falling out the cabinet.
Ex: To cut a long story short, just as they were nearing the weir the engine stopped working and they had to jump into the water.
* retén de cajón = drawer stop.
(v.) = challenge ; defy ; throw down + the gauntlet ; dare.
Ex: The only difference is the cataloger doesn't have to sit down and challenge himself, select one entry over the other, and say that this person is more responsible than another person for the work.
Ex: Some categories of material defy helpful categorisation, and need to be treated as special cases.
Ex: And, as if by way of indicating that he had thrown down the gauntlet, he added, 'I can be unpleasant. I warn you'.
Ex: 'Nah,' Kate chuckled, getting his drift, and then said 'I would've just barged in there and dared them to throw me out!' = "No" se rió Kate, entendiendo lo que él quería decir, y después dijo "!Hubiera irrumpido y les hubiese retado a echarme a la calle!".
(v.) = hold up ; retain ; withhold ; hold + Nombre + back ; dam (up) ; hold + Alguien + prisoner ; hold back ; hold + Nombre + against + Posesivo + will.
Ex: Unfortunately, goods of Community origin can also be held up by the surveillance system, often for several weeks.
Ex: At an earlier stage, the Library of Congress had decided to retain certain pre-AACR headings, in order to avoid the expense of extensive recataloguing.
Ex: It was agreed to withhold supplies from booksellers who offered new books at a discount greater than the 10 per cent usually allowed for cash.
Ex: Despite the improvements in the 17th edition, the scheme has been held back for years by the old policy of 'integrity of numbers' referred to above, the effects of which are not likely to be quickly mitigated.
Ex: But to prevent any meandering at all, or to dam the flow of talk too soon and too often by intruding, generally only frustrates spontaneity = Aunque evitar cualquier divagación o cortar el flujo de la conversación demasiado pronto y con demasiada frecuencia con interrupciones generalmente sólo coarta la espontaneidad.
Ex: Tom Sutherland, a professor at the American University of Beirut, was kidnapped in 1985 and held prisoner for six and a half years, for much of the time shackled to his prisoner Terry Anderson.
Ex: Police in Algeria have been holding back hundreds of anti-government demonstrators who have been trying to rally in central Algiers.
Ex: A Texas woman tearfully told jurors Monday that she was 'scared to death' and held against her will by her employer after being drugged and sexually assaulted.
* que retiene el calor = heat absorbing.
* retener contra + Posesivo + voluntad = hold + Nombre + against + Posesivo + will.
* retener el agua = hold + water.
* retener la atención de Alguien = retain + attention.
* retenerse = hold back.

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