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retention, hoarding, hold back


(n.) = withholding ; retention ; accrual.
Ex: Her article examines the problems of 'suffocation by the overproduction of information' and 'the withholding of information by new technologies'.
Ex: Even in prisons nowadays the enlightened gaoler aims at more than custodial retention: he aims at education.
Ex: Calcium and possibly vitamin D intake throughout childhood and adolescence may enhance bone mineral accrual.
* calendario de retenciones = retention schedule.
* capacidad de retención = holding power.
* derecho de retención = lien.
* fecha de retención = retention date.
* plan de retención = retention plan.
* política de retenciones = retention policy.
* retención de IRPF = payroll tax.
* retención y envío = store-and-forward.
* valor de retención = retention value.

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