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steal, rob, thieve; remove; draw; walk away

to steal you

(v.) = steal ; rob ; raid ; thieve ; steal off ; pilfer ; filch ; break into ; break in ; mug ; plunder ; rifle ; snatch ; nick ; hold up.
Ex: In imposing penalties for book stealing libraries are particularly helpless.
Ex: This article contrasts a range of principles with the widely prevailing system of polygraphic marking which requires much manual, specialised work and which robs the resulting text of good visual presentation = Este artículo contrasta una serie de principios con el sistema prevalente de marcas poligráficas que necesita mucho trabajo manual y especializado que roba al texto resultante una buena presentación visual.
Ex: The article 'Raiding the World Bank' explains how the World Bank operates, shareholding, the initiation of loan proposals, and lending to education projects.
Ex: But it was no less misguided than the commonplace practice of setting passages thieved from literature for comprehension exercises.
Ex: I have nothing against Aussies but I do have something against parasites who steal off someone else's ideas .
Ex: In his work, Al pilfers fragments from a wide array of sources and glues them into collages.
Ex: Even in poems written directly out of his own experience, he is likely to use notions, phrases, and musical ideas filched from other recent poems.
Ex: A honeypot is a decoy computer system designed to look like a legitimate system an intruder will want to break into while, unbeknownst to the intruder, they are being covertly observed.
Ex: The hacker broke in on the university dial-in lines through the library system.
Ex: In that time, she relates, she had been mugged at gunpoint, punched in the face, and harassed.
Ex: Close on such paradeground excitements comes the popular sport of plundering for projects.
Ex: English, on the other hand, has been accused of waylaying other languages in dark alleys and rifling their pockets for loose vocabulary.
Ex: The thieves broke into the museum using a hydraulic jack and snatched both paintings in 3 minutes.
Ex: It's more advisable to have a cheap and skanky bike for pootling around town, the idea being that no-one would want to nick a nasty looking bike.
Ex: The film starts with two small-time thieves who spontaneously decide to hold up a restaurant.
* entrar a robar = burgle ; burglerise [burglarize, -USA].
* persona que roba en tiendas = shoplifter.
* robar a punta de pistola = hold up at + gunpoint.
* robar con allanamiento de morada = burgle ; burglerise [burglarize, -USA].
* robar el tiempo = take up + (Posesivo) + time.
* robar en una tienda = shoplift.
* robar ganado = rustle + cattle.
* robar la credibilidad = destroy + credence.
* robar la idea = steal + Posesivo + idea.
* robarle el corazón a Alguien = steal + Posesivo + heart.
* robarle tiempo al sueño = burn + the candle at both ends.
* robar mediante el alunizaje = ram raid.
* robar por el método del alunizaje = ram raid.
* robar protagonismo = steal + the limelight ; steal + Posesivo + show ; take + the wind out of + Posesivo + sails ; steal + Posesivo + thunder ; steal + Posesivo + scene ; steal + the spotlight ; take + some of the starch out of + Posesivo + sails.
* robar tiempo = take up + (Posesivo) + time.
* robar un banco = rob + a bank.

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