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enclose, surround, circle, encompass

they surround

(v.) = bound ; surround ; be all around us ; envelop ; shroud ; skirt ; hem + Nombre + in ; close in on ; gird ; fringe.
Ex: Word is a character string bounded by spaces or other chosen characters.
Ex: The city loomed far in the distance, with the darkness of nothing surrounding it like a protective cloak.
Ex: June Jordan offers the poet's view that poetry is all around us.
Ex: Her eyes swept the room and then enveloped him in an icy glare.
Ex: Often the needs of the disabled are shrouded by misconceptions such as that they are forced to lead a poor quality of life.
Ex: Bridleways that cross arable land may be legally ploughed up, but not those that skirt a field.
Ex: The world of work is no longer constrained by the four physical dimensions of space and time that have hemmed us in for most of recorded history.
Ex: As he closed in on the killer, he discovered evidence that points to the unimaginable -- a revelation that could rock the entire world.
Ex: The peaks and rocks of grotesque shapes are girded by clear streams and embraced by green trees and bamboo plants.
Ex: Most of the islands are low lying, with a soft, rolling landscape of fields and heather moorland, always fringed by the sea.
* Nombre + que me rodea = Nombre + round me.
* que nos rodea = ambient.
* que rodea = surrounding.
* rodear con un círculo = encircle ; circle.
* rodear de misterio = shroud in + mystery ; veil in + mystery ; enshroud in + mystery.
* rodear en grupo = swarm.

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