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having a pinkish coloring, roseate, rosy



(adj.) = rose-coloured ; rosy ; rose-tinted ; pinkish.
Ex: The often heavy-handed paternalism of Soviet children's literature is being challenged and children are being entrusted with real situations and real problems rather than the idealistic, rose-coloured version of reality previously thought suitable for them.
Ex: And as soon as he whipped out his knocker, Rose's rosy lips was already all over it in seconds!.
Ex: We always knew it but now it's official -- pet owners have rose-tinted views of their animals.
Ex: Red-legged frog tadpoles are brown, often with a pinkish sheen on their undersides, and commonly reach 3 inches in total length.
* con cara rosada = pink-faced.
* cuchareta rosada = roseate spoonbill.
* de cara rosada = pink-faced.
* espátula rosada = roseate spoonbill.

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