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kneecap, patella; scutum
label, mark; ticket; letter

knee-cap kneecap


(n.) = patella ; kneecap ; swivel ; ball joint ; kneepan.
Ex: The literature is filled with articles regarding the diagnosis, 'malalignment of the patella,' most of which give no precise diagnosis.
Ex: The efficiency depends on the cyclist's own morphology, on his feet, and particularly on his knees where the kneecap is the most important part with all tendons inserting on the four knee bones.
Ex: A windvane is really just a flat piece of metal or wood on a swivel that catches the wind and points toward and away from the wind.
Ex: Serving as the pivot point between the tires and the suspension, ball joints also support your vehicle's weight.
Ex: It is said of him that he was of even superhuman speed as a swift runner, since his kneepans were not attached to his knees, but moved easily.
* rótula de suspensión = ball joint.
* rótula esférica = ball joint.
(v.) = letter ; caption.
Ex: A binder's title is the title lettered on the cover of an item by a binder, as distinguished from the title on the publisher's original cover.
Ex: Later, slide reference numbers are captioned onto the video recording at each point where a slide used so that the physical slide itself can be easily found by viewers of the tape.

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