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graze; rub, chafe; skim, touch

forest aisle

it touches

(v.) = brush past ; scuff ; chafe ; clip.
Ex: Physical harassment may occur as bottom pinching, breast grabbing, 'accidental' brushing past or invasion of a woman's space.
Ex: The front wheel trims were scuffed so they decided to replace them.
Ex: Among other things, staying well hydrated will help prevent chafing by allowing you to perspire.
Ex: But when his rear wheel clipped the last bus he summersaulted through the air and broke his pelvis -- ending his career.
* golpear rozando = clip.
* pasar casi rozando = skim.
* rozar el uno con el otro = rub against + each other.
* rozar la superficie = scratch + the surface of ; scrape + the surface.
* rozarse con = rub up against.

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