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knowledge, sageness, wisdom

wisdom, sapience wisdom


(n.) = enlightenment ; wisdom.
Nota: Para otras palabras que contienen este sufijo, véase "dom".
Ex: Considered as necessary work in the interest of humanity and general enlightenment, bibliography gains ground as the years pass.
Ex: Assertion and personal opinion, when cloaked in an ostensibly sound job title, can become accepted wisdom and the justification for decision making.
* con la edad, llega la sabiduría = with age comes wisdom.
* con la sabiduría que da la experiencia = with the benefit of hindsight.
* con sabiduría = sagely.
* cúmulo de sabiduría = knowledge repository ; repository of knowledge.
* de acuerdo con la sabiduría popular = according to folklore.
* la sabiduría llega con la edad = wisdom comes with age.
* perla de sabiduría = gem of wisdom.
* sabiduría colectiva, la = wisdom of the crowds, the.
* sabiduría del colectivo, la = wisdom of the crowds, the.
* sabiduría de los años, la = wisdom of years, the.
* sabiduría general = accepted wisdom.
* sabiduría popular = lore.

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