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sleuth; beagle, hound

bloodhound, beagle, sleuth

(n.) = beagle ; hound ; bloodhound ; sleuth ; sleuthhound.
Ex: For example, if the query were to find documents containing 'beagle or basset hound' and no phrases were indexed, the first list would contain those documents with the word 'beagle' and the maybe list would be those documents containing 'basset hound' but not 'beagle'.
Ex: This article surveys hunting themes incorporated into coats of arms, including prey animals, such as stags, wolves, bears, and foxes; hounds and falcons; and hunting equipment such as horns, bows and arrows, and spears.
Ex: He provides a wealth of information about Texas life on everything from making fiddles, to running bloodhounds, to finding moonshine stills.
Ex: Anybody familiar with their political relationships is familiar with the fact that journalists and diplomats are followed by sleuths.
Ex: He was a dauntless adventurer, a sleuthhound, a research scholar of exceptional acuity.

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