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sainted, sacred, holy
sanctuary, holy or sacred place


(adj.) = sacred ; sacrosanct ; hallowed ; holy ; time-honoured.
Ex: Sacred scriptures are entered under uniform title as main entry.
Ex: While the operating instructions must be regarded as authoritative, they should not be seen as sacrosanct tablets of stone.
Ex: The quiet and hallowed stacks provide comfort and solace to the bibliophile and a sense of rightness and order to the librarian.
Ex: The title of the article is 'More holy men than learned: impressions from Indian manuscript libraries'.
Ex: The time-honoured training institution 'sitting with Nellie' is not much good if Nellie's competence is not up to scratch.
* el silencio es sagrado = silence is golden.
* fuego sagrado = sacred fire.
* Hostia Sagrada, la = Host, the.
* libro sagrado = sacred book ; sacred scripture.
* lo sagrado = sacredness.
* lugar sagrado = shrine.
* mandamiento sagrado = holy commandment.
* Sagrada Comunión, la = Holy Communion.
* sagrada escritura = sacred scripture ; scripture.
* Sagrada(s) Escritura(s), la = Holy Scripture(s), the.
* vaca sagrada = sacred cow ; holy cow.

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