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sausage; hot dog, frankfurter


(n.) = sausage dog ; sausage ; wiener [weiner] ; banger.
Ex: The main complaint she had was that her coffee was weak and the sausage dogs too garlicky.
Ex: Food samples included a selection of sausages, beverages, sliced meat products, including chicken liver, and some fruits, including raspberries, bananas, and banana peels.
Ex: In the growing fat-free food wars, getting the fat out of hot dogs, and still having them taste like wieners, is no mean feat.
Ex: So here's the plan -- I want to get a meat mincer to make my own mince, and have a bash at some bangers.
* perro salchicha = dachshund ; sausage dog ; wiener dog.
* salchicha ahumada = wiener [weiner].
* salchicha de Frankfurt = frankfurter.
* salchicha empanada = corn dog.
* salchicha para perros = dog sausage.
* tripa para salchichas = sausage casing.

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