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job; balance; residue
liquidate; discharge; remainder


(n.) = balance ; remainder ; short sell ; credit ; account balance.
Nota: Generalmente de una cuenta bancaria.
Ex: So far as possible the international traders exchanged books, but sometimes the balance was unequal and accounts were settled in money.
Ex: The article 'Bargains or bummers? remainders' suggests that despite problems attaching to buying remainders, judicious purchasing of this stock can add valuable books to a library's collection at a very reasonable cost.
Ex: The article is entitled 'Publishing abroad: fair trade or short sell for non English speaking authors?'.
Ex: Orders placed with a vendor as well as any credit or debit notes for the vendor are displayed by entering the number '9'.
Ex: If your account balance is less than $1000, you will generally not be charged administration fees in excess of interest earned on your account.
* con saldo = prepaid [pre-paid].
* saldo acreedor = credit balance.
* saldo a favor = credit balance.
* saldo de cuenta bancaria = bank balance.
* saldo del libro de cuentas = account book balance.
* saldo deudor = debit balance.
* saldo, el = bottom line, the.
* saldo en contra = debit balance.
* saldo negativo = debit ; debit balance.
* saldo pendiente = outstanding balance.
* saldo positivo = credit ; credit balance.
* dar por saldado = close + the book on.
* no saldado = uncollected.
* saldar las diferencias = iron out + differences.
* saldar una cuenta = settle + an account.
* saldar una deuda = pay off + a debt.
* sin saldar = uncollected.

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