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cruelty; fury
cure, heal
healthy, well, not sick, in good health; sane, pure minded

healthy saña

(n.) = rage ; cruelty.
Ex: Librarians would find their jobs a lot easier if they were relieved of the responsibility of being all things to all people, and should encouraged to accept their own human fallibility and express their rage, frustration, and fears.
Ex: Cruelty TO CHILDREN is quite clearly child abuse.
* con saña = viciously.
(v.) = heal.
Ex: The article is entitled 'Books can help heal! Innovative techniques of bibliotherapy'.
(adj.) = healthy ; wholesome ; salubrious ; able-bodied ; healthful.
Ex: Do not use the negative (e.g. use sick instead of not healthy).
Ex: For a year or two, any wholesome grass-roots group, aiming at anything from wholemeal bread to revolution, would tap one public agency or another.
Ex: Good bookshops are few and far between and the kind to be found in most towns are as educationally healthy as a river rich in industrial effluent is physically salubrious.
Ex: The reference staff of the library is responsible for providing the same standard of service to both handicapped and able-bodied students.
Ex: Though margarine was introduced as a supposedly healthful alternative to butter, recent studies suggest it is as harmful or worse than butter   .
* a diario una manzana es cosa sana = an apple a day keeps the doctor away ; an apple a day keeps the doctor at bay.
* alimento sano = wholesome food ; healthy food.
* comer sano = eat + healthfully ; eat + healthy ; eat + healthily.
* comida sana = wholesome food ; healthy food.
* conseguir salir sano y salvo = make it through in + one piece.
* cortar por lo sano = cut + Gordian knot ; cut + Posesivo + losses.
* de forma sana = healthily ; healthfully.
* dieta sana = healthy diet ; healthful diet.
* en + Posesivo + sano juicio = in + Posesivo + right mind.
* estar en + Posesivo + sano juicio = have all + Posesivo + buttons ; have all + Posesivo + marbles.
* estar sano y salvo = be alive and well.
* mentalmente sano = of (a) sound mind ; mentally fit.
* menta sana = sound mind.
* mente sana en cuerpo sano = a healthy mind in a healthy body ; a sound mind in a sound body.
* poco sano = unwholesome ; insalubrious.
* salir sano y salvo = make it through in + one piece.
* sano de juicio = of (a) sound mind.
* sano juicio = sane.
* sano y salvo = alive and well ; safely ; unscathed ; unscarred ; unharmed ; unhurt ; safe and sound ; in safety.
* vida sana = healthy life.
* vivir sano = live + healthy.
* vivir una vida sana = live + a healthy life.
* vivir un estilo de vida sano = live + a healthy lifestyle.

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