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terminate, finish, stop, end; wear out; die out, peter out; run out

(v.) = draw to + a close ; peter out ; run out ; be gone ; come to + an end ; run out of ; draw to + an end ; wind down ; be all gone ; be all over.
Ex: In 1971 the experimental phase of PRECIS was drawing to a close as the system became operational in the British national bibliography. Ex: Press demands for information soon petered out but enquiries from the general public continued for many months. Ex: He continued writing for two years until his ink ran out. Ex: Hard times lie ahead, the halcyon days are gone -- perhaps forever. Ex: The era of paper-based information systems is coming to an end. Ex: The philosophy of science lacks a time dimension and seems to have run out of language to cope with all the abstractions needed. Ex: As the war drew to an end, the horrendous scenes of misery and destitution came to light. Ex: As President Bush's second term winds down, this is no time for him to be making trouble for his successor. Ex: The hall is quiet, the band has packed up, and the munchies are all gone. Ex: We were outside for over an hour and we were glad when it was all over because it was a bit nippy.

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