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meet; touch; crash, collide; conflict; dispose; be situated; convene

(v.) = occur ; be positioned ; reside ; stand (up)on ; come upon ; be poised ; find + Reflexivo.
Ex: In DOBIS/LIBIS, this occurs only when entering multiple surnames. Ex: The cursor is always positioned at the beginning of the first field in which input can be made. Ex: Column ten is the CD-ROM disc number on which the MARC record resides. Ex: Thus, as we stand on the threshold of what is undoubtedly a new era in catalog control, it is worth considering to what extent the traditional services of the Library will continue in the forms now available. Ex: The term Hyptertext generaly describes a medium wherein a reader can study a particular document and, coming upon a word or phrase that he or she does not understand, open a second document that provides further information. Ex: We are all aware of the nature of the threshold on which the catalog -- that often maligned instrument that spells the difference between the library as a chaotic warehouse of recorded artifacts and a coherent collection of information organized for efficient access -- is poised. Ex: She took a shine to Sheldon, and before he knows what has happened, the misanthropic physicist finds himself with a girlfriend.

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