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indicated; signal; notable
signalize, make prominent; mark, indicate, signal; particularize, specify


(adj.) = marked.
Ex: It hardly needs to be said that the microcomputer is now a fact of life, but its impact upon the world of information retrieval and libraries generally has been less marked than in many other areas.
* día señalado = red-letter day.
(v.) = mark off ; point to(wards) ; tick (off) ; mark out ; bring to + Posesivo + notice ; mark + Nombre + down as.
Ex: Human intervention may also be necessary to mark off the area in the string on the title page that should be indexed, and possibly to add an imprint date if not present.
Ex: This article points to economically feasible and communication-based indexing methods which fit the potentials of current information technology.
Ex: In particular note, for example by ticking them, those terms that merit a turn in the lead position, and those that do not.
Ex: To infuse into that basic form an element of linguistic liveliness and wit, which marks out the best adult reviewers, is to ask far more than most children can hope to achieve.
Ex: One moonlight night Sweeny was brought to our notice by his ejaculations of impatience at being obliged to come to a dead halt.
Ex: One look convinced the employer that she was unsuited for the work, and he marked her down as unsuitable.
* señalar a Alguien = put + Alguien + on the spot.
* señalar con el dedo = point + the fingers at.
* señalar con un círculo = circle.
(v.) = bring to + Posesivo + attention ; get at ; indicate ; mark ; point ; point out ; signal ; signify ; stress ; note ; state ; point + (a/the) finger(s) at ; jab.
Ex: Errors in colleagues' work should be brought to their attention tactfully and not in the presence of others = A los compañeros se les debería hacer ver sus errores discretamente y no en presencia de otros.
Ex: What I'm getting at is this: At least in the CIP entry that I have seen, LC, following customary practice, made a title entry for the main title, 'Women in Librarianship', but nothing under Melvil's 'Rib Symposium'.
Ex: The general index of CC lists isolates and indicates where they may be found as in a relative index.
Ex: In addition, synthesis often requires the use of a facet indicator, which marks the beginning of a new facet for example.
Ex: An arrow pointing upwards indicates when the terminal is in insert mode.
Ex: By means of the arrangement of document substitutes in library catalogues, and also by the arrangement of documents themselves, it is possible to point out, or indicate, classes of documents.
Ex: Main classes are denoted by a capital letter, and in most classes a second capital letter is used to signal major sections or subclasses.
Ex: Within one main class the same piece of notation may be used to signify different concepts.
Ex: However, it must be stressed that these problems are still in the future.
Ex: In the future, a number of further developments can be fairly confidently predicted in addition to the expansion of those noted above.
Ex: Short abstracts are generally preferred, but there are instances where the most effective approach is to cite the original unamended, and to state that this is what has been done.
Ex: It is easy to point the fingers at the refs.
Ex: One wizen old crone, however, jabbed her walking stick in his direction and told him to shut his gob.
* señalar diferencias = point out + differences ; note + difference ; point to + differences.
* señalar las dificultades = note + difficulties.
* señalar similitudes = point out + similarities.

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