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= whatever it is ; be that as it may ; call it what you want ; no matter what ; whatever they may be.
Ex: Maybe it's the frustrated library school professor in him crying to come out -- whatever it is, give him a chance to show you what he knows. Ex: Be that as it may, the fact is that there are tens of millions of MARC records in the world. Ex: Call it what you want but for future reference it may be best to name it according to its function. Ex: In hand-to-hand combat, the soldier must have the attitude that he will defeat the enemy and complete the mission, no matter what. Ex: City planning is a body of techniques and theories for co-ordinative decision-making which tries to distribute the community's resources in a manner which will best achieve the community's specific goals, whatever they may be = El urbanismo es un conjunto de técnicas y teorías para la toma coordinada de decisiones que intenta distribuir los recursos de la comunidad de tal forma que se consigan mejor los objetivos específicos de ésta, sean cuales sean.

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