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(n.) = array ; sequence.
Ex: A microopaque is a sheet of opaque material bearing a number of microimages in a two-dimensional array.
Ex: A classified catalogue is a catalogue with three or four separate sequences: an author/title catalogue or index (or separate author and title catalogues), a classified subject catalogue, and a subject index to the classified catalogue.
* búsqueda de secuencias de caracteres = string search ; string searching.
* búsqueda por secuencia de caracteres = character-string search.
* búsquedas de secuencias de caracteres = text-string searching.
* en secuencia = sequential ; sequentially ; sequenced.
* estar fuera de secuencia = be out of order.
* fuera de secuencia = out of range.
* guión de secuencias cinematográficas = scenario.
* secuencia de bits = bitstream.
* secuencia de caracteres = text string.
* secuencia de ordenación = filing sequence.
* secuencia de palabras = word string.
* secuencia ordenada alfabéticamente por el nombre del autor = author sequence.
* secuencias filmadas = footage.
* secuencia topográfica = shelving sequence.
* según una secuencia ordinal = ordinally.
(v.) = sequence.
Ex: The coefficients of eigenvectors associated with the largest eigenvalue provide the basis for sequencing atoms which are ordered according to the relative magnitudes of the coefficients.

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