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seductive, alluring, tempting, intriguing

(n.) = seducer.
Ex: With his flowing white mane, lanky agility and subdued charisma, he was an unflappably aristocratic seducer.
(adj.) = glamorous ; seductive ; tantalising [tantalizing, -USA] ; beguiling ; luscious ; glam ; smouldering [smoldering, -USA] ; magical ; luring.
Ex: Service is perhaps not a very glamorous concept, but we are nevertheless a service profession = El servicio quizás no es un concepto muy atractivo, pero no obstante somos una profesión dedicada al servicio.
Ex: It is the ideology which was urged against Panizzi and was cogently disproved by him before the Royal Commission but whose seductive simplicity has always found friends to keep it alive.
Ex: Many librarians are also finding that demonstrations of these automated systems provide tantalizing bait to lure the nonlibrary user to instructional sessions.
Ex: There is a real need for beguiling stories that accurately describe what it is like to be a human being in modern China.
Ex: This volume is in fact three books shuffled together under one luscious cover, unfurling as a fantasia on technique that explores, among other things, Mau's riffs on modernism.
Ex: Ponytails are becoming glam, says the New York Times.
Ex: We show you how to create a smouldering 40s look with a modern twist, using a home-grown cosmetic collection.
Ex: The author discusess the magical effect of books on special needs children.
Ex: There is no denying that Facebook and other social networking sites have a very luring appeal.
* de una manera seductora = seductively.

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