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supporter, partisan, follower


(n.) = cohort ; following.
Ex: This article examines the views of librarians held by a number of faculty cohorts. Ex: Such is the reputation of these writers and artists that many of them have strong fan followings. (n.) = fan ; follower ; proselyte ; buff ; epigone.
Ex: The article 'Why girls flock to Sweet Valley High' investigates the appeal to girls of adolescent romances and what, if anything, could be done to broaden the reading habits of such fans of formula fiction.
Ex: Significantly, however, Panizzi's rules did not prove as viable as did his ideology, and they were promptly and materially changed and recast by his most ardent admirers and followers.
Ex: Samule S Green in 1876 warned sternly: 'The librarian who uses his position to make proselytes prostitutes his calling'.
Ex: His intriguing book will be of interest to both buffs and scholars.
Ex: Such epigones seldom present more than a lugubrious rehash and potpourri of their idols.
* ganarse seguidores = gather + a following ; win + Nombre + a following ; gain + a following.
* grupo de seguidores = fandom.
* seguidor de la última moda = faddish ; faddy .
* seguidores = cohort ; following.
* seguidores, los = fandom.

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