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tracing, following


(n.) = adherence ; follow-up ; monitoring ; tracking ; follow-through ; shadowing ; pursual ; pursuance.
Ex: Superior cataloguing may result, since more consistency and closer adherence to standard codes are likely to emerge with cataloguers who spend all of their time cataloguing, than with a librarian who tackles cataloguing as one of various professional tasks.
Ex: This order receives the same follow-up treatment as other orders in the files.
Ex: Automatic monitoring of activity on the computer system (i.e., logging transactions) was regarded as a powerful technique for evaluating user system interaction.
Ex: Tracking of personal information attached to electronic text supplied by publishers is a potential violator of user privacy.
Ex: Content analysis of the newspaper for the year detailed the follow-through in the news columns = El análisis de contenido del periódico para ese año hizo un seguimiento de las columnas periodísticas.
Ex: Observational shadowing of particular library patrons, for example, gives a much more detailed view of patrons' library use.
Ex: True education means more than the pursual of a certain course of study.
Ex: Rather, it is shown that in the long-run the pursuance of better quality of social life turns out to be the most important factor.
* código de seguimiento = tracking number.
* de seguimiento = follow-on.
* en el seguimiento de = in the pursuit of.
* estación de seguimiento = monitoring station.
* estudio de seguimiento = follow-up study.
* hacer un seguimiento de = follow through ; chase up ; chase down.
* informe de seguimiento = progress report.
* sistema de seguimiento = monitoring system.

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