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second-best, second
second-best, second in a ranking; second, unit of time equal to 1/60 of a minute; moment; person or thing that is next after the first (in rank, importance, etc.)


(n.) = moments.
Ex: A serious omission or duplication in a page of prose, for instance, might necessitate the rejustification of dozens of lines, whereas if the mistake had been spotted in the stick it could have been set right in a matter of moments. (n.) = second ; sec.
Nota: Abreviatura.
Ex: If necessary, it could be made extremely fast by substituting thermionic-tube switching for mechanical switching, so that the full selection could be made in one one-hundredth of a second.
Ex: 'Hang on a sec, okay?' the senior assistant librarian in charge of serials said as she put the phone down.
* actuar en segundo plano = lurk in + the wings.
* a los pocos segundos = within moments.
* décima de segundo = split second.
* durante un segundo = for a second.
* en cuestión de segundos = within seconds ; in a matter of seconds.
* en los últimos segundos = in the final seconds.
* en uno o dos segundos = in an instant or two.
* en unos segundos = in seconds.
* en un par de segundos = in an instant or two.
* en un segundo = in the blink of an eye ; in the twinkling of an eye ; in a snap ; with the tip of a hat ; in a jiffy ; in a heartbeat ; in a second ; in the wink of an eye.
* ESL (Inglés como Segunda Lengua) = ESL (English as a Second Language).
* esperar un segundo = hang on (for) + a sec(ond).
* fracción de segundo = split second.
* ganar el segundo puesto = win + second place.
* hablar un segundo con = have + a quick word with ; have + a brief word with ; have + a short word with.
* ni por un segundo = not even for a minute!.
* ni un segundo = never for a minute.
* por un segundo = for a second.
* segundos = moments.
* unos segundos de reflexión = a moment's thought ; a moment's reflection.
* un par de segundos = a blink or two.
* un segundo = for a minute.

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