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similar, alike; resemblant; analogous
like, person or thing which is similar or comparable


(n.) = fellow human being ; kindred ; fellow ; twin ; fellow being.
Ex: What is our responsibility to a fellow human being, who in this case happens to be a respected library director who is also our boss?.
Ex: The indexer must evaluate whether the index user will profit if a distinction is made between two kindred terms.
Ex: Cave paintings, baked clay tablets, papyrus rolls, vellum, parchment and paper manuscripts, movable type printing; these have been the material objects by means of which man have communicated with their fellows.
Ex: The two moulds, which were twins, were oblong wire sieves mounted on wooden frames, and the deckle was a removable wooden rim which could be fitted to either mould to make it into a tray-like sieve with a raised edge.
Ex: Immorality and general disrespect for our fellow beings is just about the norm in this day and age.
= analogous ; parallel ; suchlike.
Ex: But what about when our own professional center, the Library of Congress, uses BUSHMEN and HOTTENTOTS which are analogous to Polacks and Kikes and Wops?.
Ex: The increasing demand for paper of all sorts, which the giant productivity of the Fourdrinier machine could easily meet, resulted in a parallel demand for rags which was soon outstripping the supply.
Ex: I think this should all be interpreted as a challenge, rather than as a mandate for complacency or suchlike.
* Nombre + semejante = such + Nombre.
* semejante a = akin to.

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