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warp; turn; twist; slant
slant, skew, slope

askance, lopsided, wry, sloping, slanting, askew


(n.) = bent ; bias [biases, -pl.] ; skewness ; skew ; taint ; tilt ; slant.
Ex: This factor was a constant theme especially in those programmes with a highly technical bent.
Ex: The place of publication may also warn of biases in approach or differences in terminology that arise in the text.
Ex: This skewness implies that there will always be a large fraction of uncited publications.
Ex: The results shows that the new algorithm performs better than existing algorithms for a wide degree of skew.
Ex: The article is entitled 'The classification of literature in the Dewey Decimal Classification: the primacy of language and the taint of colonialism' = El artículo se titula "La clasificación de la literatura en la Clasificación Decimal de Dewey: la primacía del lenguaje y el daño del colonialismo".
Ex: This has contributed to a tilt toward English-language publications in Web of Science.
Ex: The 7th edition of CC is due to appear in 1971, and Ranganathan has given an extensive preview in an article in Library Science with a slant to documentation, cited at the end of this chapter.
* sesgo de género = gender bias.
(v.) = skew ; angle ; bias ; tint.
Ex: The truncated derived search keys for titles are derived from up to four words, so that the matrix in this case is four dimensional, albeit skewed because not the same number of letters is derived from each word.
Ex: This publication seems to find particular favour in law firms, possibly because of its currency and the way it is angled towards the commercial world.
Ex: A sample would be biased if some elements in the population have no chance of selection.
Ex: His views on education were tinted by his own limited experience.
* sesgarse = slant.

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