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mean, signify; imply; spell; amount


it means

(v.) = add up to ; amount to ; mean ; signify ; stand for ; stack up.
Ex: The impalpable nature of human relations can add up to a situation that bears little resemblance to the logical and ordered material discussed in class.
Ex: One of the characteristic features of a post-coordinate indexing system is that searching amounts to more than making a note of the records listed under one index heading.
Ex: These changes have meant modifications, some very time-consuming, to serials catalogues in libraries.
Ex: Within one main class the same piece of notation may be used to signify different concepts.
Ex: MARC stands for Machine Readable Cataloguing.
Ex: By American standards, this may not stack up to much, but in France these efforts to educate citizens stand out as a shining example.
* considerar que significa = take to + mean.
* no significar gran cosa = not add up to much.
* no significar nada = add up to + nothing.
* significar el éxito = spell + success.
* significar el final de = mean + the end of.
* significar el fin de Algo = mean + an end to.
* significar fracaso = signify + failure ; spell + failure.
* significar la diferencia entre... y = mean + the difference between... and.
* significar mucho trabajo = mean + a lot of work ; involve + a lot of work.

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