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following; incoming; after
following, something which comes next, something which follows after

following, next


(adj.) = following ; successive ; coming ; ensuing.
Ex: These limitations are considered in the following sections.
Ex: The order thus determined embodies 'context dependency', each term in the string sets each successive term in context.
Ex: I have myself seen, in a northern market, a bookstall where the stall-holder had over a dozen old shoeboxes under the counter in which each month the ten new titles were placed so that the customers could buy the whole new range gradually over the coming month.
Ex: A praeses is a faculty moderator of an academic disputation, who normally proposes a thesis and participates in the ensuing disputation.
* al día siguiente = the next day.
* año siguiente, el = next year ; following year, the.
* de la siguiente manera = in the following terms.
* de una semana a la siguiente = from week to week.
* día siguiente, el = following day, the.
* el año siguiente = the following year.
* el día siguiente = the following day.
* el siguiente no, el otro = next but one.
* entre ellos contamos con los siguientes = numbered amongst these are.
* la noche siguiente = the next night.
* llevar + Nombre + al siguiente nivel = take + Nombre + to the next level.
* lo siguiente = next up.
* mes siguiente, el = following month, the.
* pasar al siguiente año fiscal = roll over.
* pasar al siguiente nivel = move it up + a gear ; take it up + a gear ; notch it up + a gear ; take it up + a notch ; crank it up + a notch ; crank it up + a gear ; move it up + a notch.
* por los siguientes motivos = on the following counts.
* semana siguiente, la = next week ; following week, the.
* ser el candidato siguiente = be next in line.
* ser el siguiente = be next in line.
* ser el (siguiente) sucesor = be next in line.
* siguiente año, el = following year, the.
* siguiente día, el = following day, the.
* siguiente, el = next, the.
* siguiente generación, la = generation next.
* siguiente mes, el = following month, the.
* siguiente semana, la = following week, the.

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