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however, nevertheless, nonetheless, but, still, notwithstanding

anyhow, however, anyway

" nonetheless (general); nonetheless (nevertheless)"

= however ; nevertheless ; still ; yet ; that being said ; all this said ; that being said however.
Ex: However, one important feature to note about such systems is that many of them do not in fact organise knowledge or retrieve information. Ex: Nevertheless, some classes contain tables which may be used to extend the classes shown in the main schedules. Ex: This process is slow and the resulting picture is poor in detail; still, it does give another process of dry photography, in which the picture is finished as soon as it is taken. Ex: Yet even these indexes recognise some rules concerning the structure of headings. Ex: That being said, every normal person can think of places we've worked where we were more like whiners than winners. Ex: All this said, he is a restless person, but in the active, productive sense rather than a fidget. Ex: That being said however, I must say this is anything but a relaxing non-stressful game.

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