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pride, arrogance
act in an arrogant manner
proud, arrogant; superb


(n.) = haughtiness ; superciliousness ; condescension.
Ex: Pride goes before destruction, and haughtiness before a fall.
Ex: Whatever it is, humans are filled with superciliousness.
Ex: The inherent condescension of this passage will probably cause much grinding of the teeth of the county library staff members present at the meeting.
(adj.) = a stormer of ; haughty ; arrogant.
Ex: After only two days rehearsal we did a stormer of a gig from my point of view which went down a treat to a packed house.
Ex: The only blot on his escutcheon is, that after his great success he grew to be haughty and insolent in his demands.
Ex: Particularly in libraries, the attitude of the employee is to become arrogant toward the user.

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